According to the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics, the number one reason people leave their jobs is that they “don’t feel appreciated”.

Annual Service Awards, or Employee Anniversary Awards, provide a unique opportunity to celebrate employee loyalty while aligning brand values with performance. LoyalNation takes the approach of treating every service anniversary like the birthday party for friends and family – making it fun, memorable, and a celebration of why we are connected.

LoyalNation Service Award offerings provide:

• Private label resource websites for managers to insure that awards are planned and presented to maximize impact

• Custom awards that fit the employee profiles, budget, and brand

• Communication tools to support efficient delivery and follow through

• Reporting to enable leadership assessment of impact and ongoing enhancement.

LoyalNation insures that your employee awards program meets all the organizational goals and is uniquely YOURS. Regardless of the size or geographical diversity of your business, LoyalNation supports employee recognition programs that are scalable, trackable, and engaging.

Impactful and effective employee recognition programs will:

• We know that everyone has a million things going on every day and that Service Awards, while very important, don’t typically elevate to the status of urgent. For that reason, we make it EASY by requiring minimal time to get started and supporting actionable insights and suggestions with every touch point.

• In today’s marketplace, few companies are provided with much in the way of budget increases, particularly during the fiscal year. With that in mind, LoyalNation will come in at or below the current BUDGET of your current program

• Most importantly, we’re passionate about the impact that Service Award programs can have – so we make it IMPACTFUL. From packaging to rewards, support to communication, the details matter and we’re here to make you the hero!

“In these days of downsizing, offshoring of work, economy challenges, etc. this award and the ensuing discussion about longevity being a rarity, our great company, and the team that was very positive for the entire team.”–– C.H., Manager, Intergraph