Get your sales distribution channel partners selling at the next level

Sales channel programs aim to increase sales and build your brand through channel partners. LoyalNation’s programs start with understanding your sales channel partners and how they sell.  Then we build rewards and recognition strategies that deliver incremental results and measurable return on investment.

By understanding who your channel partners are, where they currently engage your brand, and how they buy, we develop custom solutions that motivate people to promote and choose your product more often. As an important element in your b2b marketing plan, our program will make selling your brand easier and more profitable for your sales channel partners than selling your competitor’s.

Important elements of our sales channel programs include:

  • Private labeled online platform that an extension of your brand through Performance Jet.

  • Robust communication and collaboration capabilities with website, email, b2b social network, mobility, and print.

  • Compelling reward options including merchandise, travel, pre-loaded and reloadable cards, product rebates, co-op marketing, business promotion items, group travel, and more.

  • Analytic support to monitor the trends and results of program – we’re constantly looking to enhance the offering by converting data to actionable insight and producing real return on investment.

From manufacturing to financial services, construction to spirits, LoyalNation supports clients in the retention and growth of sales channel networks.

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