Motivating sales people requires going beyond commission and bonus incentive systems, focusing on three critical factors that universally create sales productivity:

  • Craving of sales recognition – trophies, rankings, public celebrations, executive recognition

  • Productive behaviors create consistent sales – sales funnel metrics, usage of CRM systems, and promotion of online fulfillment tools are but a few of the sales behaviors critical success and yet infrequently the point of reward and recognition.

  • Support staff connectivity – before, during and after “the sale”, salespeople rely on a network of employees to deliver and create repeat business.  Great salespeople leverage and cultivate these relationships over time.

 LoyalNation views these factors to deliver a suite of interchangeable, and often integrated, solutions.  By providing a broad array of solutions, we can keep the messaging and rewards “fresh”, always valuable in capturing the salesperson’s often strained attention.

Incentive ideas for sales through LoyalNation include:

  • Utilization of our P.R.I.D.E. Platform to connect outside sales with each other and the support team for recognition, collaboration, and resource management.

  • Performance Jet which enables behavior incentives for sales reps, ranking and recognition, and flexibility in reward choices.

  • Memorable incentive travel options for sales contests that deliver your team to events like The Masters, Kentucky Derby, Final Four, and more.

  • Awards and promotional business items that support sales efforts and project the brand every day.

These are but a few of the options that LoyalNation can work with in creating a solution that’s on budget, captivating for salespeople, and impactful the bottom line.

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