Corporate executives estimate that in order to achieve the same employee motivational effect as an incentive travel award, an employee’s total base compensation would need to be increased by 8.5%. It’s no wonder that travel is among the most powerful incentive tools, providing great aspirational motivation while generating goodwill and positive buzz years after the event as participants relive and relate the experience with others.

Incentive travel as an employee reward has a three pronged effect. Employees receive an exciting travel reward that emphasizes and rewards targeted work habits. Employers have the opportunity to recognize and reward employees in front of their peers for desired behaviors with travel incentives that provide the recipient with a value-added non-cash incentive. Finally, desired behaviors receive higher focus via incentive travel rewards elevating recipients in the eyes of the organization.

LoyalNation offers exciting custom and “pre-packaged” incentive travel options from $249 and up.

Group Travel

Whether building a President’s Club event for top sales and support people or treating your top clients to an event at one of the golf Majors, getting everything just right is critical. LoyalNation can help in providing options and support that match your budget, participant profile, and goals for event.

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VIP Travel

For your top clients, corporate performers, or even yourself – there are times when only the best or most exclusive experience will do. LoyalNation has supported hundreds of clients in securing the most unique experiences – many of which they did not previously realize even existed!

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Travel Rewards

There’s great diversity in what people seek in a travel experience. LoyalNation provides flexible solution sets of travel experiences that can be customized to meet corporate and participant appetites and budgets.

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