It’s not a product or outcome, but rather a way of doing business

Employee engagement is all about aligning corporate values and best practices with the individual to produce incremental effort from the workforce.  While the development of employee engagement has historically been something  that is easier to describe than execute and monitor, recent emerging technology in mass customization and social media present us with some interesting new opportunities to support this concept through peer to peer recognition, manager coaching, and ultimately employee motivation.

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“We’ve been using the LoyalNation solution for over three years and continue to appreciate it’s flexibility for programs AND that rewards are still totally relevant to our diverse base of participants.”
- S.M., Manager, International Banking

Annual Service Awards

Employee service award programs provide an invaluable opportunity to celebrate employee loyalty and the organizational values that support success.  Unfortunately, with the standard “pick your gift from a catalogue” approach most companies employ, this important occasion is viewed by the recipient as something the employer is obligated to act on rather than a celebration of their loyalty to the organization.  LoyalNation aims to change that by creating a memorable event where awards and recognition come together to create enduring employee motivation.  Our programs are uniquely tailored to our clients, coming in at less than current expenses, while being easier to implement and impactful for everyone involved.

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Employee Recognition

Recognition is a critical element in the development of employee engagement.  Historically employee recognition was limited to one on one interactions, infrequent meetings with public acknowledgement, and mass emails.  All are generally beneficial and support the goal; however, there are tools available that can substantially improve an organization’s efforts in this area.  With LoyalNation, there is an opportunity to provide real time recognition that can then be seen, celebrated, and commented upon by the larger group.  This is meaningful for the recipient and team as positive reinforcement and a standard of success.

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Employee Motivation

There’s little doubt that much of business performance is based on execution of fundamental behaviors and that employee incentives can provide short term boosts in an employee’s performance.  In addition to the incentive itself, when properly celebrated, there’s an opportunity for the entire employee base to clearly see, celebrate, and interact around the top performances and best practices that underlie success in a given role as individuals and teams.

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Employee Health and Wellness

Research in various fields indicates there are significant benefits to exercise in managing depression and the production of new brain cells.  We’re bombarded daily in the media (and our pocketbook) with messages to confirm the rising cost of health care.  So, with the potential to create smarter, more energized employees while reducing costs, we’re excited to support health and wellness programming that range from Health Risk Assessments to employee goal setting –  all of which are integrated and aligned to your overall employee engagement strategy.

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