We are in the middle of the information age and our methods of of motivation have to leverage the tools that come with it.

The work of managers and leaders effectively boils down to aligning the energy, behavior, and creative ability of employees towards the strategy and tactics of the organization.  In the industrial age that was generally solved quite directly with employee incentives that were directly tied to a set performance measure – the “carrot and stick” approach to management.  Match that with the fact that people stayed with their employers through an informal social contract of loyalty and employee incentive programming and “employee motivation” was fairly straightforward. 

In the information age of today, where creativity and customer service are primary differentiators, new approaches are required.   While some would argue that the era of “carrots and sticks” is over, we take a more balanced approach, drawing on the best of what’s available in past experience and new opportunities. 

Employee motivation is all about the employee.  Sounds simple, and yet much of what is developed today starts with a system or product and works to somehow change the individual to meet the needs of the goal.   If you’ve been married or successfully managed teams, you know that changing people doesn’t work.  LoyalNation develops solutions that are tailored to the individual and organization for a custom fit – relevant in messaging, employee rewards, and management style.

Three dimensions of any program we consider:

Communication: Private labeled sites and messages that reinforce the brand.  Messaging in multiple mediums to match the learning style of employees and provide multiple touches for the delivery of the organization’s desired outcomes.

Intrinsic Rewards: The P.R.I.D.E. Platform TM from LoyalNation enables employees to receive and deliver peer to peer recognition, manager recognition, proudly display their recognition in their own trophy case while also providing the ability to collaborate and learn through blogs and forums.  This enables employees to create a deeply personal bond with the brand, team, and values of the organization.  That leads to real employee engagement and the employee motivation to achieve the individual goals that are aligned to organizational success.

Extrinsic Rewards: Performance Jet TM through LoyalNation enables the use of “carrots” in a way that’s exciting for the individual and supportive of the goals.  By identifying critical behaviors and recognizing incrementally greater performance in those areas, people can both challenge themselves in short bursts, make a game (read: “FUN”) of exerting discretionary effort, and celebrate success.

We launch and support new programs that support employee motivation every day.  If you’re ready to take the next step in breakthrough performance, call LoyalNation today for a free consultation at 877.856.9256.