LoyalNation has an extensive background in driving incremental sales and referral opportunities with every customer contact.

Fast food ushered in cross selling to our consciousness with the phrase “Would you like fries with that”.  Cross Sales Initiatives provide a positive impact to your business’s bottom line by leveraging existing staff, relationships, and expertise at critical moments of customer engagement.  X-selling can also serve to improve your employee engagement through added challenge in the job and the promise of rewards and recognition for their efforts.

Examples of effective cross selling efforts include:

  • Incentives and recognition for front line staff like tellers and call center support to offer additional services. 

  • Rewards and recognition for sales teams or distribution partners to achieve goals in sales across multiple product lines.

  • Motivating employees to make referrals to other distribution channels or affiliate partners.

Key to success in these programs are education of the products, communication of the program, and establishment of clear rewards and recognition outcomes for success.  LoyalNation helps clients maximize their opportunity through all of these areas while continually monitoring progress for ongoing enhancements.

“The program has really revitalized the engagement level of our employees in offering additional banking products at the point of sale.”  – T.J., Sales Support Manager