Employee Rewards and Recognition are distinct motivational tools from salary and commissions

Any job can and will deliver a paycheck – that’s what employees will expect in exchange for the minimal amount of effort required. Your strategy for employee recognition program needs to alignment of values with action with your workplace and motivation to your workforce to provide incremental discretionary effort and creativity.

Peer to Peer Recognition

The social media revolution has acclimated us to the idea of sharing ideas and sentiments with one another.  The P.R.I.D.E. platform was designed to enable employee recognition between each other with messages and themes that are directly aligned to your corporate values and strategic initiatives.  By supporting recognition between employees in this environment, desired behaviors are reinforced and celebrated – and more than one to one, it’s a medium where EVERYONE can share in the celebration.  That supports a shared culture of achievement where employee motivation is driven by messages that everyone can understand.

Management Recognition

A critical, arguably the most important, factor in employee engagement is the relationship employees have with their managers.  In building our P.R.I.D.E. platform, we started by assessing the process that effective managers go through everyday with employee recognition.

  1. Identify what and whom is being celebrated – values, strategic initiatives, teams or the individual.

  2. Select how to deliver the employee rewards – points, shopping for a gift, or “just” saying thank you.

  3. Choose how to deliver the employee recognition – public or private, hand written note or email, and more.

These quick steps seem intuitive for the best leaders and have been incorporated to our P.R.I.D.E. Platform to guide every manager through the best practices that support employee engagement.  By capturing that data, LoyalNation supports the organization with analytic assessments of rewards patterns for coaching and a regular personalized coaching guide for managers based on their unique recognition activity.

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