A billion reasons that sales incentives matter

It’s estimated that over 127 billion dollars are spent on internal sales incentives and channel sales incentives each year- and sales managers have long appreciated the value of non-cash rewards to get that incremental lift in sales performance over established, traditional commission-only programs. At LoyalNation, we employ practical experience in sales leadership and management along with the latest research, tools, and technology to create real results with sales incentives that drive the entire selling machine.

Internal Sales Programs

No matter what the budget or timing of your sales incentive, LoyalNation can help by creating a program that yields positive results. We start with understanding your sales team, your current compensation programs, and what your goals are – then build an internal sales program that uniquely fits your opportunity. Internal sales programs are perfect for a product push, team incentives, or calendar-based sales goals. Internal sales programs can be geared to teams or departments or can be run company wide.

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Sales Channel Programs

LoyalNation never forgets that in sales channel programs, our solution has to stand out from your competition’s incentive programs and your customer’s competing priorities. We build solutions that are consistent with your brand, relevant to your customers, and deliver a meaningful return on investment. An effective sales channel program creates continued sales partner loyalty and brand ambassadors. By combining a state-of-the-art Internet technology platform- with your branded incentive message, LoyalNation makes selling your products more compelling and efficient for your customers.

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Cross Sale Initiatives

Whether focused on getting sales professionals to expand their book of business or motivating support teams to proactively suggest additional upsell products with each customer contact, incentives can be a powerful tool. LoyalNation provides a deep background in driving incremental sales and referral opportunities with every customer contact. Our cross sales initiatives will help your organization gain a stronger market share by ensuring that your people capture every opportunity to land you new business. Cross sale initiatives can have a powerful impact on targeted areas of your business.

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