Living Well, Working Great

Wellness education, health risk assessments, lifestyle changes, and preventative exams are all critical components in an employer sponsored employee Health and Wellness program. Fortunately, they can all be measured for achievement and ultimately impact bottom line health care costs and worker productivity.  Not unlike a car engine, preventative maintenance and general wellness care can keep the employee engine running smoothly today and avoid costly expense down the road.

The first step in most employee health and wellness programs is the Health Risk Assessment, or HRA.  Even in the best of companies, participation is generally anemic – from 1% – 10%.  It’s a straightforward function of the LoyalNation Performance JetTM to reward employees for specified behaviors. Those rewards can take the form of gift cards, points within a broader program, business gifts, or a premium reduction.

The HRA directs future employee engagement around health and wellness initiatives through programming to support preventative exams, biometric measure achievement, and event participation like corporate sponsored fun runs.  By integrating health and wellness programming to the broader engagement strategy in the P.R.I.D.E. platform TM, participants can celebrate individual successes, interact in groups, and monitor progress. 

A consolidated platform or health and business performance, versus multiple platforms and programs, creates organizational alignment, administrative efficiency, and ultimately greater success.

LoyalNation can tailor an Employee Health and Wellness program to meet your organization’s specific objectives and budget as well as your employees’ needs – with a clear return on investment.