A survey of employers indicates that the top five motivations for implementing an Employee Safety program are:

  1. Cost of workers’ compensation insurance (59%)

  2. It’s the “Right thing to do” (51%)

  3. “Increases profitability” (33%)

  4. Federal / State safety rules (31%)

  5. “Too many accidents” (29%)

No matter what your reason for investing in a Safety Program with LoyalNation, we can assist in improving performance and reducing lost time on the job. A well designed and implemented employee safety plan will encourage and reward safe behavior and call attention to people doing the right thing in the workplace. Our focus is to listen to where you are today with programs and policy – and then begin to incrementally make the necessary adjustments to implement a goal oriented program in your workplace. We identify the key measurements and talk to the teams and managers that are on the front line to determine how to best deliver the information and what rewards are meaningful (and fair) for changing unsafe behavior. Our solutions rely on a balance of safety communication, safety recognition, and safety rewards – delivered frequently to keep the messages clear and front of mind for daily application on the work site.

Employee safety issues can be very expensive in lost man hours, workers compensation claims, or even lawsuits. Emphasizing employee safety with a safety program from LoyalNation doesn’t just save you money, it creates a safer employee work environment for everyone in your company.

Creating a safe workplace is not just a matter of employee safety. Conveying to your people that employee safety and workplace safety are more important than speed to market or cutting every cost. What you invest in an employee safety program will reward you and your employees tenfold.

Insufficient employee safety is a variable that can cost your business thousands of dollars. LoyalNation will create a customized delivery system for a safety message that saves your business money day in and day out.

“Workplace safety ensures that an employee can feel secure about undertaking his routine tasks with complete determination and confidence.” –G.J., COO