Cross Sale Initiatives

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Cross Sale Initiatives 

“We love the program and ongoing support from LoyalNation. The platform has evolved with us over the years to support managers in executing our strategy.” 
– S.M., Human Resources and Compensation Manager


The Client was looking for a way to increase sales when customers visited local branches to perform daily transactions. While tellers and other support team members knew about upsell product opportunities, the notion of presenting an appropriate option for the customer at each touch point had not gained traction.  Many of the front line employees felt strongly that sales was not their strong point, or in some cases “their job”.  They had neither the drive nor the perceived skills to close customers on upsell products.


LoyalNation worked with the client to develop an ongoing communication and training program around available product promotions and how points could be earned for selling these products at both the individual and team level. Messaging included features about top sales performers, favorite reward redemption options, and individual current points balance. Programs are typically rotated for new messaging every 30 days.


After three years of operation, the program continues to deliver measurable (and predictable) return on investment for the client, while engaging participants with over 90% redemption rates on points issued.  LoyalNation has fixed both the problems of breakage and chaotic results associated with less than full employee by-in.