Health and Wellness

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Employee Health and Wellness 

“LoyalNation has been both flexibile and creative in designing a solution that meets our immediate needs, while evolving with our participant feedback. Thanks for your continued hard work and partnership!”  
– D.F., Vice President


Client had a number of employee health and wellness programs in place including a Health Risk Assessment, individual goal setting and validation, and resource provision. While each of these employee health and wellness programs was individually important and valuable to participants, the requirements were cumbersome for administrators and confusing for participants. The client came to LoyalNation to improve the overall experience and participation rates in the health and wellness program.


LoyalNation created a private labeled employee health and wellness website where participants could access all the resources and tools in one location and back end interfaces were created so that administrators were given a more efficient health and wellness program management experience. An employee reward program was established both for taking the initial Health Risk Assessment and achieving approved health goals over the course of the year.  An important element to the program was the ability to have health and wellness incorporated with overall rewards and recognition strategy including sales incentives and years of service.


Participation in the Health Risk Assessment increased by nearly 50% over the prior year, which led to similar increases for health and wellness goal setting. Administrator workload has been cut significantly through interfaces that allow online validation of preventive care exams and bulk data uploads. The ultimate goal of overall employee participation and improved health and wellness continues to be reached and raised.