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Annual Service Awards
Employee Retention

“In these days of downsizing, offshoring of work, economy challenges, etc. this award and the ensuing discussion about longevity being a rarity, our being a great company, and the team that was very positive for the entire team. I think the awards package is a great balance to tradition and employee choice. Great job!!!” 
– C.H. Manager


Client is a worldwide leader in geospatial software engineering with over 4,000 employees worldwide. It is a very tenured, highly educated work force with many employees spending 10 years or longer with the company.

The company had an incumbent service award recognition program that rewarded employees annually for every five years of service. The program was universal domestically, but often international managers designed their own service award programs to meet the expectations of their employees.

Employee surveys showed that the program was “stale” and provided little employee satisfaction or incentive to remain just for the recognition of the service reward. What was originally designed to be an appreciation of service and dedication had become an un-exciting bookmark to a period of service.

LoyalNation’s challenge and opportunity was to redesign the service award program to raise employee enthusiasm without incurring incremental costs for the overall rewards program. Additionally, the client wanted a turnkey solution that could be used both domestically and internationally. Developing a program that met the budget, geographical footprint, and international workforce created an unusual service awards challenge.


LoyalNation designed a completely new service award program that gave managers a totally new way to view employee rewards including new content, a service award presentation, and a program that truly allows employees to select their own service award from over 200 of the world’s finest retailers.

To support the new service awards program, LoyalNation designed and built two new websites for managers and employees to learn more about the new program and provide helpful tips on the best way to present the employee reward and recognition. Managers and leadership were positioned as a centerpiece of the experience – providing recognition and communicating core values on this special day for recipient.

For international employees, LoyalNation managed to replicate the experience – aligned with local currency and cultures. Thus, the solution is consistent, universal, relevant, and efficient. For companies working across borders this solution can be used as a pattern, while providing unique accents to fit the brand.


The feedback from managers and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. The service awards program is on budget and received universal acceptance from the employees. Also, LoyalNation’s direct work with all aspects of the program has allowed human resources personnel to turn the program over—increasing their productivity on other projects.