Putting the Brand in Hand

ADR listing, Global Personal Financial Services

Cross Sale Initiatives

“The program made a positive impact on our sales effort each and every day, built our brand, and freed up our support team to focus on other opportunities.” 
– D.S. SVP Loan Production


With a network of over 10,000 individual broker customers and 250 Account Executives to service them, the client sought opportunities to keep their brand out front and their messaging fresh. Constant contact was a challenge with a 40 to 1 ratio of account representatives to interact with the brokers. Stated differently, the client needed to provide some interesting ways to initiate conversations and say “thanks” on a regular basis in the quest for deeper relationships and spot sales. LoyalNation had a unique opportunity to increase the touch opportunities for the account executives without increasing the workload.


The LoyalNation team created a program of advertising specialties (promotional items) and printed sales sheets to be delivered to Account Executives on bi-monthly basis. These products and shipments were handled turnkey by the LoyalNation team, enabling the client to focus on the management of sales and the opportunities generated. Each period, Account Executives would receive their “marketing in a box” resources of sales sheets, business gifts, and best practices tips for execution along with analytic dashboard on their current penetration rate with prospects.


Over the three years of program, gross sales increased by over 100% and account penetration per Account Executive realized lift of over 20%. The promotional items offered Account Executives a personal way to interact with the Brokers without always appearing to be on their doorstep to make a sales call.