Sales Channel Programs

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Sales Channel Programs

“The program has lifted the burden of keeping this program fresh each month from our marketing team and we don’t have to deal with all the issues like selecting, shipping, and handling promotional merchandise each month”. 
– C.K., Marketing Manager


Client had internally managed a customer loyalty program of reward items offered to their sales channel partners for achieving monthly sales goals. The reward program was managed in-house by the marketing team that was tasked with selecting premium items, managing program communication via fax and phone, and handling all aspects of the program’s implementation for their sales distribution channel marketing.

The challenge for LoyalNation was to create an exciting alternative sales channel loyalty solution that:

  • increased active engagement in the program for sales channel;

  • drove incremental sales and rewarded in house sales team in the process;

  • reduced the work load of the marketing team by allowing LoyalNation’s P.R.I.D.E. Platform to manage the program and produce results;

  • enabled client to track all expenses and create a meaningful, reliable, predictable ROI for the program.


LoyalNation designed a turnkey on line solution that allowed client’s channel partners to earn points on product sales and redeem those points for an unlimited selection of rewards in a completely trackable solution. The sales channel program had to get a makeover and in so doing, the implementation of the program had to lower costs while raising customer activity.

Using a private labeled URL, LoyalNation created a one-stop location for all loyalty activities for thousands of customers. The sales channel marketing program allows participants to check their sales activities, program balances, and redemption opportunities in one location. Each week, the client’s marketing team simply uploads points earned in the program to the platform and LoyalNation’s solution personnel do the rest. Additionally, all customer questions are handled by the LoyalNation customer service team. Rewards selection fulfillment is handled by LoyalNation allowing client to focus on sales.


Program has created a central, trackable on line platform for more than 3,000 participants in the sales channel marketing program. The workload for the marketing team has been cut by 40% since the program’s inception.

Sales are up year over year in a bruising market and the new customer loyalty program has given in house sales team a valuable new tool to engage their customers.

The limitless redemption options have led to increased customer satisfaction and LoyalNation’s reporting dashboards have provided management with functional reports telling them who is using the program, how it is being used, and where points are being acquired and utilized.